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A PTA number must be provided the Core facility before the start of the first experiment. Should that number for recharge change it must be provided to the facility.

Standard charges are as follows (effective 2/1/2021):

  • Cytometer set-up (typically 60 minutes).
  • Actual sort time or sample acquisition time.
  • Late time (if applicable).
  • Post-sort analysis (typically between five and fifteen minutes).

The basic rate for the sorters is $125/hr.

The basic rate for the self-service analyzers is $70/hr.

Operator-assisted analysis rate on any instrument is $125/hr.

Analyzer training class is $125/hr or $625 for the day.

Sorter training class (TBD)

Sort cancellations made less than 48 hours in advance are charged 3 hours' time ($375).

Any consultation about experiments or data with the Core staff must be scheduled ahead of time; consults and intakes are offered free of charge.